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HEAT & MORTALITY STUDY conducted on the Poultry Industry

PUMAÖ... Conklinís new one coat roofing system!

CONKLIN'S EQUINOX a cool temperature quick set elastomeric UV resistant roof system

CONKLINíS ROOFING SYSTEMS... Decades of Innovation and Unmatched Performance

PUMA XL...Conklinís new addition to the Puma family!

BUSINESS INTEGRITY leads to success and recognition

STATE TAX INCENTIVES for renewable energy

ENERGY STAR reflective roofing buying products that make a difference.

WHITE ROOF COATINGS Offer Solutions and Long-Term Benefits

Scientists say white roofs promote "Global Cooling"

Case Study on Cool Metal Roofing

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Skyline Consultants and Building Services, LLC specializes in Industrial, Agricultural, Institutional and Commercial roof installation, maintenance and repairs. The success of our business is simple - we can identify and creatively solve all of your roofing problems. We pride ourselves on developing long term relationships with our customers and their roofs. It's a partnership that lasts well beyond the expiration of your warranty!

Since 1979, Skyline Consultants and Building Services, LLC has been aligned with the Conklin Company, a pioneer in the acrylic elastomeric coatings market. Conklin's energy efficient roofing systems are one of the most innovative and sustainable systems on the market today. The benefits of their durable, cool roofing systems not only offer you peace of mind, but a fast return on your investment.

At Skyline Consultants and Building Services, LLC, we are doing our part to help the environment by choosing a manufacturer that has always been GREEN. Conklinís high quality sustainable roof systems provide our customersí with long-lasting roofing solution that reduces energy consumption, can be applied over an existing roof systems Ė saving you the cost of tear-offs, while helping to keep tons of used roofing material out of landfills each year. Itís a win-win for everyone, especially you, the customer!